PVC Workshop: Successful kick-off for the year

Two weeks ago the joint PVC workshop of AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany took place in Bonn. With over 90 participants from the entire industry, this was a successful kick-off for the new year and demonstrated the importance of the selected topics. In addition to the program presentations, the event was an excellent opportunity for networking during the breaks as well as during the dinner on the evening before the workshop.

Participants as well as member companies of AGPU und PlasticsEurope Germany can download all presentations from our PVC-WIKI. The next PVC workshop will take place on 06 June 2019 in Frankfurt/Main.

Nächster PVC-Workshop am 10. Januar 2019 in Bonn

Nach dem Workshop ist vor dem Workshop: Der gemeinsame PVC-Workshop von AGPU und PlasticsEurope Deutschland Anfang vergangener Woche war laut Feedback der gut 60 Teilnehmer wieder ein voller Erfolg. Dies hat die Auswertung der Umfragebögen bestätigt. Der nächste PVC-Workshop findet Anfang nächsten Jahres, am 10. Januar 2019, im Collegium Leoninum in Bonn statt. Gerne dürfen Sie sich den Workshop schon in Ihrem Kalender vormerken. Am Vorabend findet wie üblich das Netzwerk-Abendessen statt.

Nächster PVC-Workshop am 10. Juli 2018 in Frankfurt

Nach dem Workshop ist vor dem Workshop – von daher dürfen wir Sie bereits heute auf den nächsten gemeinsamen PVC-Workshop von AGPU und PlasticsEurope Deutschland am 10. Juli 2018 in Frankfurt/Main aufmerksam machen. Die ersten Referenten stehen bereits fest.

Das Expertenforum der PVC-Branche findet zwischen 9.30 und 16 Uhr im VCI-Gebäude im 13. Obergeschoss statt. Am Vorabend lädt die AGPU traditionell alle Teilnehmer zum Abendessen und Networking ein.

PVC workshop with Record Attendance

What a promising start! On January 16, AGPU and PlasticsEurope Deutschland held a record-breaking PVC workshop in Bonn. 90 participants used the event to inform and exchange information with colleagues from the industry. There was particularly great interest in topics such as the classification of the fire behaviour of construction products, the potential classification of titanium dioxide or the use of PVC in automotive interiors.

All presentations can be found in the PVC-WIKI, which is an exclusive platform for AGPU member companies.

PVC-Workshop mit Rekordbeteiligung

Was für ein vielversprechender Start ins neue Jahr! In der vergangenen Woche fand in Bonn der gemeinsame PVC-Workshop von AGPU und PlasticsEurope Deutschland mit Rekordbeteiligung statt. 90 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer nutzten die Veranstaltung zur Information und zum Austausch mit Kollegen aus der Branche. Besonders groß war das Interesse an den Themen wie die Einstufung des Brandverhaltens von Bauprodukten, die Neueinstufung von Titandioxid oder die Verwendung von PVC im Fahrzeuginnenräumen.

PVC-Workshop am 16. Januar 2018 in Bonn

Am 16. Januar 2018 findet der nächste gemeinsame Workshop „PVC und Umwelt“ von AGPU und PlasticsEurope Deutschland in Bonn statt. Auf der Agenda stehen Themen wie die Einstufung des Brandverhaltens von Bauprodukten, Vorschläge zur Neueinstufung von Titandioxid, PVC im Automobilinnenraum und Förderung von Recycling. Die Teilnahme ist für Mitglieder von AGPU und PlasticsEurope Deutschland kostenlos. Für Nicht-Mitglieder wird eine Teilnahmegebühr in Höhe von 300 € erhoben.

Weitere Informationen zum Programm und Zimmerkontigenten erhalten Sie bei

Joint PVC Workshop in Frankfurt

The joint PVC Workshop by AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany in Frankfurt last week was yet again a complete success. A total of around 60 experts were participating, all presentations were on highly topical issues which were concluded by lifely discussions. The networking dinner in the evening before was very well accepted.

The next PVC Workshop will be held at the Collegium Leonium in Bonn on Tuesday 16th January 2018. Please make a note of this date in your diary! Do you have any special topic requests or speaker recommendations for next year’s event? If so, please contact Ms Pohl (, who looks forward to hearing from you.

Story of Success: 80 PVC Experts joined AGPU Workshop

The first joint PVC Workshop hosted by PlasticsEurope Germany and AGPU in the new year was again a complete success. After the networking dinner held by AGPU the evening before the event, the expert workshop provided its around 80 participants at the Collegium Leoninum hotel in Bonn with an abundance of fresh first-hand knowledge on current topics in the PVC industry.

The presentations made by the speakers at the event are available in the member area of the PVC WIKI. The next PVC Workshop will take place in Frankfurt on 20th June 2017.

Ready for registration: PVC Workshop programme has now been confirmed

The programme for the upcoming PVC Winter Workshop of AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany at the Collegium Leoninum hotel in Bonn on 10th January 2017 has now been confirmed and was sent out together with the registration documents for the event last week. The agenda of the workshop will include „Toys – Safety and Environmental Labels“, „Controlled Loop Recycling Based on the Example of Plastic Window Profiles“ and „Responsible use of PVC according to Cradle to Cardle principles“.

By the end of last week, around 30 participants had already signed up to attend the event, which will traditionally be kicked off by a networking dinner hosted by AGPU on the evening before the workshop. Please note: Alongside the workshop programme and the registration document, AGPU has also sent out an overview of the allocations of rooms reserved for the event, which are available with special conditions until 2nd December 2016.