PVC Recycling Finder will be in English soon

In a few weeks, the well-known German PVC Recycling Finder website will also be available in an English version. The reason behind this is to make even more interested parties aware of the PVC recycling activities in Germany and thus to further expand the network. In addition, the measure is intended to further intensify European cooperation and exchange. The Italian PVC Forum is currently working on a similar platform, which will also be available in English and Italian.

With a total of 13,100 hits in 2017, the PVC Recycling Finder is a popular website for all those who want to find buyers for used PVC material or search for recycled materials.

PVC Recycling Finder Website Expanded

After the last major update of the PVC Recycling Finder in January, AGPU has now also expanded the services provided by the information platform. One of the main elements of this expansion was the revision of the interactive map containing around 60 of the PVC recycling companies listed in the Finder. Another feature of the expansion was the addition of a news area containing current articles focusing on the topic of PVC recycling to the website.

Ever since the PVC Recycling Finder was first created, the website has become increasingly popular, not only in terms of its visitors, but also with regards to the number of enquiries that are regularly answered by the recycling experts at the AGPU office. Alongside the service, AGPU organises the corresponding series of “PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors” events in cooperation with VinylPlus. The next regional meeting in this series will take place at the company REHAU in Erlangen on 23 November 2017. If you are interested to participate please contact Julia Gogos (

Angebot des PVC-Recycling-Finder weiter ausgebaut

Nach dem letzten größeren Update des PVC-Recycling-Finder im Januar hat die AGPU nun das Angebot der Informationsplattform weiter ausgebaut. Überarbeitet wurde insbesondere die interaktive Karte mit rund 60 im Finder gelisteten PVC-Recycling-Unternehmen. Darüber hinaus wurde die Webseite um einen News-Bereich mit aktuellen Artikeln rund um das Thema PVC-Recycling ergänzt.

Seit Gründung des PVC-Recycling-Finder erfreut sich die Seite über einen steigenden Zuspruch – nicht nur an Zugriffen, sondern auch an Anfragen, die die Recycling-Experten der AGPU-Geschäftsstelle in Bonn regelmäßig beantworten. Passend dazu veranstaltet die AGPU gemeinsam mit VinylPlus die Reihe „PVC-Recycler treffen PVC-Verarbeiter“. Das nächste regionale Treffen hierzu findet am 23. November 2017 in Erlangen bei REHAU statt.