New AGPU member: Benvic Europe GER GmbH

After Polysecure GmbH, AGPU can welcome Benvic Europe GER GmbH from Munich as another new member from the PVC value chain. The company is part of the Benvic Europe Group, which has production sites in France, Italy and Spain and is active in 60 countries including Germany and employs 220 people. According to their information, Benvic Europe is a leading company in the PVC industry and produces individual compounds in the form of dry blends and granulates for its customers. These are used in the construction, electrical and automotive industries, among others.

Dekura – Second New AGPU Member in 2017

After already welcoming Bilcare Research, the PVC experts in Bonn have now confirmed the recycling company Dekura as the second new AGPU member in 2017. Dekura is a joint venture of Tönsmeier Kunststoffe and Rehau. It was founded in June 2016 and claims to be one of the market leaders in the field of PVC window recycling in Europe.

The company runs facilities at three locations in Germany and Austria and employs around 170 people. The Managing Director of Dekura is Stefan Valerius.

Bilcare: First New AGPU Member in 2017

In perfect timing with the start of the New Year, the PVC experts in Bonn are looking forward to welcoming Bilcare Research as the first new AGPU member in 2017. The internationally operating company manufactures high-quality rigid films made of PVC at two locations in Germany. According to Bilcare, companies from the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries are among their about 2500 customers worldwide.

As a new AGPU member, Bilcare Research is another company in the PVC value chain to support the work carried out by AGPU and the working group’s commitment to sustainable PVC.