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A New Consultic Study on the Flow of Plastic Material in Germany

Recycling and energy recovery of used plastics have been carried out on a very high level in Germany and are increasingly becoming an important economic factor. This conclusion is based on the results of the recently published study on the „Production, Processing and Recycling of Plastics in Germany in 2015“. The main figures of the […]

THE VINYL EDGE: English Version of STARKE SEITEN is available now

Last week, over 26,500 copies of the autumn issue of the German magazine STARKE SEITEN are sent to readers, mainly to decision-makers from various target groups and to recipients in the PVC industry and its value chain in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AGPU is distributing a significant part  together with BLITZ-INFO, which summarises up-to-date information […]

New Brochure: „Imagine How Hard Life Would Be Without Soft PVC“

Within the scope of this year’s Soft PVC Communication Campaign, the steering committee of contributors of the campaign has decided to update the Soft PVC brochure, which was first published back in 2011. The newly printed edition of the brochure is now available in English and German with a reversible cove. You can order it […]