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Have you already discovered our PVC Partner app?

Since October 2012, all important publications produced by AGPU, for example the latest issues of the magazine „STARKE SEITEN“ and „BLITZ-INFO“ and the most important brochures published by the PVC experts in Bonn, have also been available in the PVC Partner app. According to a recent evaluation of use of the app, around 13,000 readers […]

The Toy Industry Is Still on Course for Success

A multitude of companies use the Toy Fair in Nuremberg as an opportunity to present their latest sales figures. According to these figures, the industry is thriving more than ever before, with reports referring to sales growth of 5 percent in 2016. Interestingly enough, toys made of plastic represent more than a quarter of the […]

The German Federal Government Promotes a Successful Energy Transition and Features Windows in Its Advertisements

A new publication produced by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) summarises the successes achieved by the energy transition to date and provides an overview of the upcoming steps to be taken. According to the brochure, with the title „The Energy Transition: a Success Story“, the energy transition moved past its […]