Vast Pool Of Expertise

AGPU brings together the knowledge of a large number of experts and promotes the exchange of their expertise and experience. It keeps in step with the times by constantly collecting, processing and summarising up-to-date information. AGPU also functions as a radar for the PVC industry by continuously observing both the media and legislation.

In January 2016, it launched “Everything about PVC – From Manufacturing to Recycling”, which is one of the most important specialist brochures containing up-to-date data on all relevant topics in the PVC industry. Industry colleagues from API (Austria) and PVCH (Switzerland) contributed towards the 32-page publication, which is available in both German and English, and they also use it in their information activities.


Four years after being launched, PVC WIKI is still extremely popular as an exclusive knowledge database for AGPU members. With a current total of nearly 350 registered users and around 11,000 pages of content, the platform has now established itself as an absolutely essential knowledge management tool. The experts in the Knowledge Working Group are responsible for the professional maintenance of the PVC WIKI.

The Working Groups: This is where the experts meet!

The Communication Working Group

The Communication Working Group focuses on setting communication targets, identifying target audiences and selecting messages and statements in order to promote PVC, as well as exploring relevant topics that are important in terms of the work carried out by AGPU. This is done by target group-oriented communication.

The Knowledge Working Group

The tasks and responsibilities of the Knowledge Working Group not only include supporting relevant specialist issues and publications, managing the preparation and running of the “PVC and the Environment” workshop in terms of content and maintaining contact with other PVC and plastic experts, but also developing and maintaining PVC WIKI.

The Recycling Working Group

The fields of recycling and recovery play an important role when it comes to the sustainable development of PVC. Alongside regular workshops, the Recycling Working Group also organises visits to recycling facilities and evaluates current research projects.