Open Dialogue

AGPU works as a reliable partner to conduct an open dialogue with decision-makers from the fields of business, politics and media and with NGOs. AGPU uses targetgroup-oriented communication and convincing factual arguments to establish transparency and trust with its contacts.

Its communication activities with selected target groups are conducted both on an internal level within the industry and in exchanges with external stakeholders. When carrying out its activities, AGPU makes the most of a multitude of well-established communication channels. Alongside personal dialogue and a direct exchange of information at workshops and networking events, AGPU also produces publications such as BLITZ-INFO, which is published three times a year and informs around 6,500 environmental decision-makers all over Germany about the sustainable development of PVC.

Important communication channels include the PVC TICKER, which is sent out once a week and is only available to AGPU members and selected partners; the English PVC-BULLETIN, which is aimed at decision-makers from the European PVC industry; and the various online services available from AGPU. In June 2016, for example, AGPU updated its website and at the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016, the PVC Recycling Finder was also further improved following the excellent response received from both recycling companies and processors. More than 60 PVC recyclers and recoverers currently have a profile on the platform.


Since October 2012, users have also been able to view digital versions of the most important AGPU publications on smartphones and tablets via the PVC-PARTNER App für Smartphones und Tablet-PCs erhältlich. According to the latest evaluation of use of the app, around 10,000 readers currently make the most of this service.