Industry Network AGPU

As the voice of the German PVC industry, AGPU and its 60 or so member companies along the entire PVC value chain have been working to establish transparency for the general public for over 25 years. We stand for reliable information in dialogue with decision-makers from the worlds of politics, business, trade and commerce, as well as from NGOs in Germany. Ever since it was first founded in 1988, AGPU has continuously strengthened its profile in order to meet current and future challenges.


Active involvement in the European PVC network is just one of the targets on the agenda set by AGPU for its commitment to future-oriented PVC material.


The “PVC and the Environment” workshop, which is hosted twice a year by AGPU in cooperation with PlasticsEurope Germany in Bonn and Frankfurt am Main, has had for many years the reputation as a well-known and recognised expert forum, and the AGPU General Meeting with its round-table event for
decision-makers in the PVC industry constantly offers participants excellent networking opportunities.

Partner in Germany

AGPU and member companies not only benefit from active involvement in the European PVC network, but also from strong cooperation partners in Germany. In recent years, AGPU has not only worked in close cooperation with PlasticsEurope Deutschland but has also worked together with other industry associations to initiate a multitude of projects. Two particularly successful examples of such cooperation are the PROWINDO Alliance for Plastic Windows and the ‘Best Practice for the Environment’ initiative focusing on the topic of resource efficiency and sustainability. A project set in cooperation with Rewindo.

Partner in Europe


AGPU has also been successfully working in cooperation with other industry associations on an international level for several years. As members of the European PVC network, the experts from the city of Bonn are popular contacts and project partners. AGPU regularly implements communication projects in Germany in cooperation with VinylPlus, which is the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry. All parties involved in these projects benefit from the constructive exchange of ideas and expertise and from the experience and competence of their respective partners.