The First PVC4cables Conference on 26th October in Lyon

The first PVC4cables Conference will take place in Lyon, France, on 26th October 2017. The event will focus on the topics of „Sustainability, Innovation, Market: The New Horizons of the PVC Cables Industry“. It will present and debate the state of the art on PVC cables (technical and environmental performance, regulatory framework, recycling technologies) and their beneficial properties.

You can find out more about the conference on the PVC4cables website. If you are interested in attending the conference, you can also register here.

A New Dossier on the Fire Behaviour of PVC

The Vinyl Institute in the USA has published a new dossier on the fire behaviour of PVC. The 30-page-long paper was written by Dr Marcelo Hirschler from BGI International and contains all relevant facts concerning this topic. The dossier also contains a multitude of data sheets and comparison figures.

You can download the comprehensive document from the PVC Wiki. Please also feel free to contact us to receive even more information on the fire behaviour of PVC.

STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO Summer 2017 Are Now Available

At the beginning of June, over 27,000 copies of the summer issue of the German magazine STARKE SEITEN are being sent out to readers, mainly to decision-makers from various target groups and to recipients in the PVC industry and its value chain in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AGPU is additionally distributing some of these copies together with BLITZ-INFO, also published three times a year, which summarises up-to-date information on the sustainable development of PVC and is sent to over 6000 decision-makers in the fields of politics, administration, industry, trade and commerce together with a personal letter.

You can download a digital version of both STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO online in the „Infocentre/Brochures“ section of the AGPU website. You can also find both documents in our PVC Partner app. If you would like to use STARKE SEITEN for your communication activities, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to send you more information.

AGPU Sets Course for Its Future Orientation

AGPU becomes a member of VinylPlus, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry. Stefan Valerius, the Managing Director of Dekura GmbH, is elected as a member of the AGPU Managing Board.

AGPU has now been committed to PVC in Germany for nearly 30 years. The transition to the development and production of sustainable products offers the entire industry a wide range of opportunities and both the PVC industry and AGPU are well prepared when it comes to dealing with this transition. Modern PVC products are not only reliable in terms of their application, but also offer innovative properties and remain sustainable throughout their service lives and right through to the recycling process.

At the AGPU General Meeting held at the Collegium Leoninum hotel in Bonn, member companies set the course for the next steps to be taken. „AGPU is becoming a national partner of VinylPlus, the sustainability partner of the European PVC industry“, explains Dr Axel Bruder, the Chairman of the AGPU Managing Board and a member of the Managing Board of RENOLIT SE in Worms. According to Bruder, the group will now continue the successful journey on which it embarked many years ago, which includes working in closer cooperation with VinylPlus and other associations in the European PVC network. Bruder states that this helps to strengthen both the continued work and competence of AGPU in Germany and the targets pursued by VinylPlus on a European level. He also explains that the cooperation of both associations helps to bring about important synergy effects in the industry.

Another focus of the agenda of the AGPU General Meeting was the election of Stefan Valerius, the Managing Director of Dekura GmbH as a member of the AGPU Managing Board. The company based in Höxter is one of the market leaders in the field of PVC and scrap window recycling in Europe. „The election of Mr Valerius means that the entire PVC value chain is yet again represented in the AGPU Managing Board“, states Thomas Hülsmann, the AGPU Managing Director.

The General Meeting was followed by the round-table event for decision-makers from the PVC industry. Alongside Dr Rüdiger Baunemann, the Director General of PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. and a member of the AGPU Managing Board, the event organisers were also able to gain Dirk Jespen, the Executive Director of Ökopol – Institut für Ökologie und Politik GmbH, as a speaker for the event. In his presentation, Mr Jespen told participants about a current project that identifies the challenges involved in PVC recycling under REACH and waste legislation and proposes corresponding problem-solving approaches. Dr Baunemann provided participants at the round-table event with an insight into the roadmap of the European Commission and the contribution made by the plastics industry with regards to the European „Circular Economy Package“.

AGPU stellt Weichen für die zukünftige Ausrichtung

Seit fast 30 Jahren engagiert sich die AGPU in Deutschland für den zukunftsweisenden Werkstoff PVC. Der Wandel hin zur Entwicklung und Herstellung nachhaltiger Produkte bietet der gesamten Branche vielfältige Möglichkeiten. Sowohl die PVC-Industrie als auch die AGPU sind hierbei gut aufgestellt. Moderne PVC-Produkte sind nicht nur zuverlässig in ihrer Anwendung, sondern auch innovativ in ihren Eigenschaften und nachhaltig über ihre gesamte Nutzungsdauer hinweg bis zum Recycling.

Auf der AGPU-Mitgliederversammlung im Collegium Leoninum in Bonn stellten die rund 60 Mitgliedsunternehmen nun die Weichen für die nächsten Schritte. „Die AGPU wird nationaler Partner von VinylPlus, dem Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm der europäischen PVC-Branche“, so Dr. Axel Bruder, AGPU-Vorstandsvorsitzender und Mitglied des Vorstandes der RENOLIT SE in Worms. Man werde den erfolgreichen Weg, der vor vielen Jahren eingeschlagen wurde, nun weiter fortführen. Dazu gehöre auch eine engere Kooperation mit VinylPlus und weiteren Verbänden des europäischen PVC-Netzwerks. Dies stärke neben der weiteren Arbeit die Kompetenz der AGPU in Deutschland als auch die Ziele von VinylPlus auf europäischer Ebene. Zudem sorge die Zusammenarbeit auf beiden Seiten für wichtige Synergieeffekte in der Branche.

Ebenfalls auf der Agenda der AGPU-Mitgliederversammlung stand die Wahl von Stefan Valerius, Geschäftsführer der Dekura GmbH, in den AGPU-Vorstand. Das Unternehmen in Höxter gehört europaweit zu den Marktführern im Bereich PVC-Recycling und Altfensterverwertung. „Mit der Wahl von Herrn Valerius ist wieder die gesamte PVC-Wertschöpfungskette im AGPU-Vorstand vertreten“, so AGPU-Geschäftsführer Thomas Hülsmann.

Im Anschluss an die Mitgliederversammlung fand der Round-Table der Entscheider der PVC-Branche statt. Neben Dr. Rüdiger Baunemann, Hauptgeschäftsführer von PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. und Mitglied des AGPU-Vorstands, konnte auch Dirk Jepsen, Geschäftsführer Ökopol – Institut für Ökologie und Politik GmbH, als Redner gewonnen werden. In seinem Vortrag sprach Herr Jepsen über ein aktuelles Projekt, das die Herausforderungen zum Thema PVC-Recycling unter REACH und Abfallgesetzgebung aufzeigt und entsprechende Lösungswege vorschlägt. Herr Dr. Baunemann stellte den Teilnehmern des Round-Table die Roadmap der Europäischen Kommission und den Beitrag der Kunststoffindustrie hinsichtlich des europäischen „Circular Economy Package“ vor.