Destatis Reports a Boom in Housing Construction in Germany

The German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) in Wiesbaden, reported recently that building licences were granted for 375,400 flats in Germany last year, the largest recorded result in the last 17 years. The number of flats approved in 2016 was therefore around a fifth (21.6 percent) or 66,700 granted building licences more than in 2015. These figures confirm that the positive development that has been in place since 2009 is continuing. In fact, the number of flats approved last year was the highest since the considerably larger number of 440,800 building licences granted back in 1999. The strongest growth in 2016 was recorded in the category of newly constructed flats in blocks of flats, which achieved an increase of 26.6 percent or 36,500 flats. The number of approved flats in semi-detached houses increased by 13.2 percent, while the number of approved flats in detached houses remained unchanged in comparison with last year’s results.

Recycling Solutions: Campaign PVC Recycling

At the beginning of March, the Campaign “Aktion-PVC-Recycling” participated in the 23rd Demolition Conference with a joint stand. More than 900 demolition and recycling specialists from all over Europe made the most of the event in Berlin as an opportunity to discuss current topics in the industry. At the campaign stand, for example, participants in the Demolition Conference were invited to find out more about recycling solutions for flooring, roofing membranes, windows, doors, roller shutters, tarpaulins and pipes made of PVC throughout Germany.

Demolition activities also involve non-mineral building materials, which often include windows, floor coverings, roofing membranes and pipes made of PVC. „We offer our services as a partner of the demolition industry in this special field and in order to demonstrate this, we have been regularly participating in the conference held by the German Demolition Association (DA) for the past 15 years“, explains Michael Vetter, the Managing Director of Rewindo and recycling expert of AGPU.

Alongside AGPU, the German Association for the Recycling of PVC Floor Coverings (AgPR), Roofcollect, the German Plastic Pipe Association (KRV), EPCOAT and Rewindo are all partners of the campaign “Aktion-PVC-Recycling”.

Specific Requests in Response to Our KDB Report

As part of its Soft PVC Communication Campaign, AGPU was able to publish a detailed report on PVC as a high-performance material in the January/February issue of the magazine „Kommunaler Beschaffungsdienst“ (KBD), which is mainly read by local authorities. The report focused on flexible vinyl floorings for sports facilities and coated membranes for textile architecture. The image of the PVC membrane roof that covers the sports court of a school in Hamburg made it onto the cover of the KBD issue and is thereby prominently promoting the use of PVC.

The issue was sent out to subscribers, including a multitude of decision-makers in communities and local authorities. It seems that AGPU was ‘in the right place at the right time’ when it chose to present this topic given that it has already received three specific enquiries from communities requesting detailed information on the use of PVC products.

The Spring Issues of STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO Are Now Available

Over 27,000 copies of the spring issue of our magazine STARKE SEITEN were sent out to readers, mainly to decision-makers from various target groups and to recipients in the PVC industry and its value chain in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. AGPU is distributing some of these copies together with BLITZ-INFO, which is also published three times a year, summarises up-to-date information on the sustainable development of PVC and is sent to over 6000 decision-makers in the fields of politics, administration, industry, trade and commerce together with a personal letter.

On the occasion of the EuroShop retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, part of the print run of STARKE SEITEN also contains the „New Floors Fashion Week“ booklet produced by the German Specialist Association for Manufacturers of Resilient Flooring (Fachverband der Hersteller elastischer Bodenbeläge – FEB). This publication particularly focuses on architects who are important decision-makers when it comes to topics such as designing industrial and business premises.

If you would also like to use STARKE SEITEN for your communication activities, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to send you more information.

Recyclinglösungen: Aktion PVC-Recycling

An der 23. Fachtagung Abbruch hat sich Anfang März auch die Aktion PVC-Recycling wieder mit einem Gemeinschaftsstand beteiligt. Mehr als 900 Abbruch- und Recycling-Spezialisten aus ganz Europa haben die Veranstaltung in Berlin genutzt, um sich dort über die aktuellen Themen der Branche auszutauschen. So konnten sich die Teilnehmer der Abbruchtagung am Stand der Aktion PVC-Recycling über bundesweite Recyclinglösungen für Bodenbeläge, Dachbahnen, Fenster, Türen, Rollladen, Planen und Rohre aus PVC informieren.

Bei Abbruchmaßnahmen fallen auch nicht-mineralische Baustoffe an, nicht selten Fenster, Bodenbeläge, Dachbahnen oder Rohre aus PVC. „Wir bieten uns in diesem speziellen Bereich als Partner der Abbruchbranche an. Um dies zu demonstrieren, nehmen wir seit 15 Jahren regelmäßig an der Fachtagung des Deutschen Abbruchverbandes teil“, so Michael Vetter, Geschäftsführer der Rewindo GmbH; Mitinitiator der Aktion PVC-Recycling und Recycling-Experte der AGPU.

Neben der AGPU sind auch die Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC-Bodenbelag Recycling (AgPR), Roofcollect, der Kunststoffrohr-Verband (KRV), EPCOAT und Rewindo Partner von Aktion PVC-Recycling.

PVC4Pipes seit Januar 2017 unter neuem Dach

Der europäische Fachverband für PVC-Rohre agiert seit Januar 2017 unter dem Schirm des europäischen PVC-Herstellerverbandes (ECVM).  Ziel sei es, auch weiterhin PVC4Pipes als die Anlaufstelle für alle Informationen rund um PVC-Rohre zu positionieren. Zudem stehen der Ausbau des Netzwerks und die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Verbänden und Organisationen rund um den Globus auf der Agenda, um die Kommunikation für die Verwendung von PVC-Rohren mit Fokus auf die Hauptzielgruppen und Entscheider weiter zu verbessern.