Bilcare: Erstes neues AGPU-Mitglied in 2017

Mit Bilcare Research können die Bonner PVC-Experten pünktlich zum Jahreswechsel das erste neue AGPU-Mitglied in 2017 begrüßen. Das international aufgestellte Unternehmen produziert an zwei Standorten in Deutschland hochwertige PVC-Hartfolien. Zu den laut eigenen Aussagen rund 2.500 Kunden weltweit gehören unter anderem Unternehmen aus der Pharmaindustrie sowie aus der Lebensmittel- und Verpackungsbranche.

Durch seine Mitgliedschaft unterstützt ein weiteres Unternehmen der PVC-Wertschöpfungskette die Arbeit der AGPU und deren Engagement für zu zukunftsweisenden Werkstoff PVC.

Frohe Festtage und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr

Die AGPU wünscht Ihnen, Ihren Mitarbeitern und Familienangehörigen ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest sowie einen guten Start in ein erfolgreiches und gesundes neues Jahr. Wir möchten zudem die Gelegenheit nutzen, uns bei Ihnen auch im Namen des AGPU-Vorstandes für die vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit zu bedanken.

Die AGPU-Geschäftsstelle ist bis zum 23. Dezember wie gewohnt erreichbar, zwischen den Feiertagen täglich zwischen 9 und 14 Uhr. Der nächste PVC-Ticker für unser Mitglieder erscheint am Montag, den 09. Januar 2017.

Bilcare: First New AGPU Member in 2017

In perfect timing with the start of the New Year, the PVC experts in Bonn are looking forward to welcoming Bilcare Research as the first new AGPU member in 2017. The internationally operating company manufactures high-quality rigid films made of PVC at two locations in Germany. According to Bilcare, companies from the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries are among their about 2500 customers worldwide.

As a new AGPU member, Bilcare Research is another company in the PVC value chain to support the work carried out by AGPU and the working group’s commitment to sustainable PVC.

A Positive Growth Trend for PVC

The German plastics magazine „Kunststoff-Magazin“ recently produced „The Global Plastics Market“, a special publication focusing on PVC, in cooperation with the PVC manufacturer Vinnolit. The five-page-long article provides the latest figures on PVC production, the PVC applications of and the worldwide demand for PVC polymers. It reveals that PVC has continued to extend its growth on a global level, despite the fact that the European market is currently only experiencing restrained growth. The publication also claims that the plastic is becoming more and more environmentally friendly and benefiting from global trends, so much so that the global production capacity for PVC increased to 62 million tons in 2016.

The special publication focusing on the global PVC market is available in German and English. AGPU members can download it as a PDF file from the PVC Wiki.

Aktion PVC Recycling will attend 23rd Demolition Conference 2017

Europe’s largest specialist demolition event, the 23rd Demolition Conference, will take place in Berlin from 10th to 11th March 2017. More than 800 participants and 100 exhibitors attended this year’s event. In order to keep up with the growing popularity of the conference, the German Demolition Association (DA) as the organizer has decided to change the venue so that it can make the most of more space at future conferences.

As was the case in previous years, this year’s Demolition Conference will be accompanied by a trade exhibition. The joint stand run by Aktion PVC Recycling will yet again attend the exhibition with its experts in order to provide the conference participants with first-hand information on the recycling solutions for PVC flooring, windows, doors, roofing and waterproofing membranes and pipes available in Germany.

The full programme for the 23rd Demolition Conference will be published soon. Participants can already sign up to attend the event on the German Demolition Association website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

AGPU would like to wish you, your employees and your family a happy and relaxing Christmas and an excellent start to a healthy and successful New Year. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your trusting cooperation also on behalf of the AGPU Managing Board.

The AGPU office will be available as usual until 23rd December and will be open daily from 9am to 2pm between the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Positiver Wachstumstrend bei PVC

Gemeinsam mit dem PVC-Hersteller Vinnolit hat das Kunststoff-Magazin (Carl Hanser Verlag, München) ein Special „Weltmarkt der Kunststoffe“ zu PVC erstellt. Auf fünf Seiten finden Interessierte aktuelle Zahlen zur PVC-Herstellung, zu den Einsatzgebieten und zum weltweiten Bedarf des Werkstoffs. Demnach hat PVC sein weltweites Wachstum kontinuierlich fortgesetzt, auch wenn der europäische Markt derzeit nur verhalten wächst. Der Kunststoff werde immer umweltverträglicher und profitiere von globalen Trends. So sei die weltweite Produktionskapazität für PVC in 2016 auf 62 Millionen Tonnen angestiegen.

Den Sonderdruck zum PVC-Weltmarkt gibt es in Deutsch und Englisch. AGPU-Mitglieder können das Special im PDF-Format im PVC-Wiki herunterladen.

VinylPlus communication project: AGPU published new technical papers

AGPU has brought the VinylPlus communication project on sustainable public procurement to a successful end by publishing two further technical papers. The November issue of the German environmental magazine „Umwelt Magazin“ contains a double-page article on the role of PVC within the topic of energy and resource efficiency. This technical paper is also available as a special publication that can be requested from the AGPU office.

Last week, the November issue of the German public procurement magazine „Kommunaler Beschaffungsdienst“ (KBD) will contain a technical paper on PVC recycling. AGPU was also given the opportunity to create the front page design for this issue showing hands with recycled PVC window material.

New Media Data for STARKE SEITEN is available

AGPU has been publishing „STARKE SEITEN“ since 1998. This high-quality print magazine in A3 format is aimed at top decision-makers and contains articles focusing on the stories of innovative PVC products and their manufacturers. STARKE SEITEN currently boasts a circulation of 26,500 copies and is published three times a year. Part of its print run is sent out together with the publication „BLITZ-INFO“, which is also published three times a year.

The spring 2017 issue will come out on 20th February, in perfect timing with the EuroShop retail trade fair in Düsseldorf, and will focus on the topic of trade and the retail market. The summer issue (due to be published on 19th June 2017) will shine the spotlight on the field of sustainable construction and the winter issue (due to be published on 9th October 2017) will explore the topic of vinyl and health care.

You can find out more about the magazine by referring to its current media data. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries. We’re happy to help!

Ready for registration: PVC Workshop programme has now been confirmed

The programme for the upcoming PVC Winter Workshop of AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany at the Collegium Leoninum hotel in Bonn on 10th January 2017 has now been confirmed and was sent out together with the registration documents for the event last week. The agenda of the workshop will include „Toys – Safety and Environmental Labels“, „Controlled Loop Recycling Based on the Example of Plastic Window Profiles“ and „Responsible use of PVC according to Cradle to Cardle principles“.

By the end of last week, around 30 participants had already signed up to attend the event, which will traditionally be kicked off by a networking dinner hosted by AGPU on the evening before the workshop. Please note: Alongside the workshop programme and the registration document, AGPU has also sent out an overview of the allocations of rooms reserved for the event, which are available with special conditions until 2nd December 2016.