German Federal Government: No Bonus for Wood as a Building Material

According to the German Federal Government, wood as a building material still needs to tap into its own market potential in competition with other building materials. In its response (18/9322) to a minor interpellation launched by the German parliamentary group Alliance ’90/The Greens (18/9156), the government explains that it therefore does not plan to introduce a national wood strategy for Germany such as that used in Sweden. It goes on to state that although it is currently checking how the use of renewable raw materials can be advanced in order to contribute towards climate protection, it believes that building materials should also be able to tap into their own market potential without any financial support.

This statement pleased the manufacturers of plastic windows given that in the past, associations have increasingly called for subsidies for „wood as a particularly sustainable material“.


The Soft PVC Campaign: New Advertisements within Next Months

The Soft PVC Communications Campaign by AGPU Media continues with two online advertisements on the websites of the business magazine brand eins and the architecture magazine Detail in September. There will be classic print ads within next months as well. For the first time, the new “PVC stays tight” motif with pink rain boots for children will be used to communicate with target groups.

Are you part of the PVC value chain and want Soft PVC products to remain the products of choice for deciders in the future? Then support the current Soft PVC campaign as a sponsor! Need more information? AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann is looking forward to your feedback.

The Olympic Champions Received a PVC Sculpture

Alongside their gold, silver and bronze medals, the successful athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro also received an additional gift. For the first time, the Olympians on the podium were presented with a sculpture of the official Rio 2016 logo instead of the traditional bouquet of flowers. In its issue published on 14th August, the „Hamburger Morgenpost“ newspaper told its readers more about this sculpture. According to the article, the sculpture was created by the Brazilian designer Fred Gelli and depicts the citizens of Rio holding hands and celebrating. The three colours (yellow, blue and green) were chosen to represent the nature surrounding the city. The small works of art are not only made of resin and polystone but also, and above all, PVC.

Online Infographic: PVC in Our Cities

An infographic on „PVC in our cities“ was recently produced as part of the current VinylPlus communication projects and has now been published on the website of the European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI). The clear and colourful graphics provide consumers with information on the use of PVC in everyday life, namely in which areas the plastic is used, why it is used in precisely these areas and the benefits that the use of PVC products can provide for consumers.

The communication project was managed by ECPI and co-founded by VinylPlus.