VinylPlus Product Label: the sustainability mark for PVC products

The VinylPlus® Product Label is the new sustainability mark making it simpler for customers, specifiers and markets to identify the PVC building and construction products delivering the highest functional performance and contribution to sustainability. Two weeks ago, VinylPlus sent a press release to relevant decision-makers and in Germany, AGPU has taken over this job.

Currently, the scheme applies to PVC window profiles with the first six manufacturers – Deceuninck, Epwin Window Systems, Internorm, Rehau, Schüco and Veka – having been awarded the VinylPlus Product Label in 2018. Two further companies are undergoing the stringent audit process.

BLITZ-INFO and STARKE SEITEN: New editions published

With the publication of the autumn issue of STARKE SEITEN, the current BLITZ-INFO is now also available and was sent out last week with a personal letter to a total of around 6,500 decision-makers from politics, administration, trade and industry.

This issue also introduces the new appearance of the newsletter. With the use of the VinylPlus® logo in the header, the AGPU wants to emphasize the significant support from Germany for the European sustainability program and thus contribute to making the contents and goals of the voluntary commitment even better known.

VFF: Current figures on the window market in Germany

At a symposium of the Verband Fenster + Fassade (VFF) there was a first preview of the forthcoming window and exterior door report. Accordingly, the VFF expects growth of 1.9 percent to 14.4 million window units this year. In 2019, the number of windows installed in Germany is expected to rise by 1.6 percent to 14.7 million. Plastic windows account for 57 percent, followed by metal constructions with 19 percent, wooden windows with 15 percent and wood/aluminium constructions with 9 percent.

K 2019: Circular Economy, Resource Conservation & Digitalization

In addition to material and technology innovations for the plastics and rubber industry, the K trade fair (16 to 23 October 2019 in Düsseldorf) will focus on the circular economy, resource conservation and digitization. These topics are also to be found at the joint special presentation „Plastics shape the Future“ by PlasticsEurope Germany and Messe Düsseldorf. Here, visitors will be shown how plastics can shape the future in a sustainable way, which developments are already taking shape today and which visions have the chance to be implemented promptly. The special presentation will be complemented by panel discussions, keynote speeches, demonstrations and experiments.

New Lifecycle data for Plastics in Germany 2017

The study „Material Flow Analysis for Plastics in Germany 2017“ presents current figures and data on the production, processing and recycling of plastics – and thus provides important insights into the entire life cycle of the material. In addition to the production of new plastics, the quantities of the production and processing of recycled materials have now been determined in detail for the first time. The result shows that recycled plastics are increasingly becoming an important raw material for new plastic products.

More than 2,000 companies were interviewed for the study. The study was prepared by Conversio Market & Strategy GmbH (formerly Consultic). Clients include BKV, PlasticsEurope Deutschland, GKV and AGPU.

Best Practice for the Environment: Documentation published

This summer, after two years, the „Best Practice for the Environment“ campaign by AGPU, Rewindo and AgPR came to an end. Their aim: to identify and support recycling projects in the areas of demolition, reconstruction and dismantling, in which, for example, old PVC-windows or PVC floor coverings collected and are reused via the recycling systems of AgPR and Rewindo. A 28-page documentation presents selected projects from summer 2016 to summer 2018.

The printed brochure is available on request. You can download the digital version in PDF format from our website. An English version of the documentation is currently being prepared.

VinylPlus® commits to recycle 900,000 tonnes of PVC a year by 2025

Since 2000, VinylPlus, the voluntary commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, has been a pioneer in the Circular Economy. It has backed the European Commission’s pledging call to increase recycling of plastics by committing to recycle at least 900,000 tonnes of PVC per year into new products by 2025, a significant contribution to the overall 10 million tonnes objective set by the Commission for the plastic industry. Looking further ahead, VinylPlus has also committed to recycle a minimum of 1 million tonnes per year by 2030.

New Lifecycle data for PVC in Germany

Last week AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany presented the latest study „Analysis of PVC production, processing, waste and recycling data in Germany 2017“. It shows that 1.84 million tonnes of PVC, including 249,000 tonnes of PVC recyclates, were processed into semi-finished and finished products in Germany. The construction sector is the dominant sector with a share of over 70 percent. This means that the proportion of recycled materials already accounts for 13.5 percent of the total volume processed. PVC recyclates were used particularly in durable construction applications as well as in gardening and farming. The last study was published in 2013.

As a member of AGPU you can download the summary of the study with the most important results free of charge in our PVC-WIKI. Companies from our industry that are not members of AGPU or PlasticsEurope Germany can order the summary of the study from AGPU Media GmbH for a fee. (contact:

AGPU: 30 Years for PVC

When the AGPU was founded 30 years ago, there was no way to avoid it. This has not changed to today, even if the times when PVC materials and products were particularly criticised are a thing of the past. Thanks to the long-term commitment of AGPU member companies from the entire PVC value chain for the sustainable development of PVC and an open dialogue with stakeholders from all areas, AGPU and its partners have succeeded in establishing the plastic as an innovative, sustainable and future-oriented material. The fact that modern PVC products today are real high-tech wonders is becoming more and more established in people’s daily lives thanks to their diversity and performance.

„The focus of the AGPU has been sharpened again and again over the last 30 years and is now clearly on the sustainability of the material“, said Dr. Oliver Mieden, newly elected CEO of the AGPU and Head of Environmental Affairs & Corporate Communications at PVC manufacturer Vinnolit: „Since 2017, the AGPU has been an associated member of VinylPlus®, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry, and thus contributes to making the contents and objectives of the voluntary commitment better known in Germany“.

Umweltmagazin: „Established Recycling of PVC Building Products“

In the last issue issue of the UMWELTMAGAZIN, there is a new technical article by AGPU managing director Thomas Hülsmann and AGPU editor Michael Friedrichs on the subject of „Established recycling of PVC building products“. Due to the high level interest in the past, AGPU has decided to publish the article as a special print edition.

The article is part of a recent communication project which the AGPU is running together with VinylPlus in Germany. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.