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Rekord: 2018 wurden knapp 740.000 Tonnen PVC in Europa recycelt

VinylPlus®, die freiwillige Selbstverpflichtung der europäischen PVC-Branche zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung, hat im vergangenen Jahr 739.525 Tonnen PVC recycelt – das entspricht einer Steigerung von 15,6 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr. Die Ergebnisse wurden anlässlich des VinylPlus Nachhaltigkeitsforums 2019 in Prag präsentiert, wo die Branche ihre jüngsten Erfolge zur Steigerung der Nachhaltigkeit von PVC vorgestellt hat. Die […]

KBD: Recycling Solutions for PVC Building Products

In the new issue of the Kommunaler Beschaffungsdienst (KBD) a new article about recycling solutions for PVC building products will be published. The AGPU created the advertorial as part of a VinylPlus® communication project on green public procurement and placed it in the decision-maker magazine. This topic is relevant for public procurers at federal states, […]

PVC Summer Workshop with Latest Topics

On 06 June 2019 the joint workshop „PVC and Environment“ of AGPU and PlasticsEurope Deutschland will take place in Frankfurt. The complete agenda has already been sent out to interested participants. In addition to the recently published titanium dioxide study, participants will get the latest information on the topics of materials in contact with drinking […]

PVC Recyclers meet PVC Processors: New Events

This year the successful event series „PVC recyclers meet PVC processors“ will be continued. VinylPlus®, AGPU, AgPR, Rewindo, IVK Europe and Roofcollect® are once again inviting PVC recyclers and PVC processors to come together on three events in different regions to discuss the respective supply and demand. The kick-off event will take place on 27 […]

VinylPlus: Almost 740,000 tonnes of PVC recycled in 2018

VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, recycled 739,525 tonnes of PVC within its framework in 2018 – a 15.6% increase on the previous year. The results were presented at the 2019 edition of the VinylPlus Sustainability Forum in Prague, Czech Republic, where the industry shared further progress towards increasing […]

PVC-Nachfrage steigt bis 2026 auf 56 Mio. Tonnen

Die Marktforscher von Ceresana haben kürzlich ihren aktuellen fünften PVC-Marktreport vorgestellt. Demnach schätzen die Experten, dass die weltweite PVC-Nachfrage bis zum Jahr 2026 auf 56,2 Millionen Tonnen ansteigen wird. Laut dem kostenpflichtigen Report entfiel im Jahr 2018 zwei Drittel des gesamten Verbrauchs auf Produkte aus Hart-PVC. Der weltweite Marktanteil von PVC-Rohren und Rohrleitungen lag bei […]

New AGPU Activity Report Available

At the PVC workshop in mid-January 2019 in Bonn, the new AGPU activity report was presented in German for the first time. Since March, the English version is available as well. The activity report covers the most important projects and events of the past two years and provides detailed information on the increasingly close cooperation […]

VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019: Accelerate Innovation

„Accelerate innovation“ is the motto of the 7th VinylPlus® Sustainability Forum on 9 and 10 May 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. The Forum will focus on the role innovation can play in the sector’s ability to deliver future economic, social and environmental sustainability. The two-day event is an opportunity for VinylPlus® partners and their stakeholders […]

INOVYN Awards 2019: PVC Innovations Wanted

It’s time again. The INOVYN Awards 2019 is designed to help boost innovation by recognising and promoting key achievements in the global vinyl industry. Participants include PVC processors, academics, architects, designers and research organisations. Proposals can be submitted to the INOVYN Awards website by 15 May 2019. A jury will then decide which product or […]

Titanium Dioxide Study Confirms Significant Impact

Hard to replace, a massive restriction on product quality and variety, bad for established recycling methods: This is the conclusion of a recent study on titanium dioxide, which was commissioned by PlasticsEurope Deutschland, AGPU and other industry associations by Conversio Market & Strategy GmbH. The study is a response to the European Commission’s plans to […]