Landing Pages Advertise Soft PVC Applications

As part of the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign, AGPU Media produced three so-called landing pages focusing on the topics of vinyl in architecture, vinyl in sport and leisure and vinyl and health care in the first half of the year on behalf of the steering committee. The websites contain a multitude of articles focusing on products made of soft PVC. The texts are tailored to suit each target group and shine the spotlight on the positive benefits of the applications presented.

New articles are continuously being added to all three landing pages. The websites themselves are also being advertised, for example in specific advertorials in selected print media.

If you would like to be informed about the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign or would like to participate in future projects with your company with the aim of, for example, establishing direct contact with decision-makers, please feel free to contact us. With your support, we can work together to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice both now and in the future.

Soft PVC Campaign: Advertorial in „Outdoor-Magazin“

An advertorial for the Soft PVC Communication Campaign has been published in the July issue of „Outdoor-Magazin“. The article was produced by AGPU Media and promotes the benefits of PVC-coated fabrics, from lightweight tents for camping right through to innovative circus roofs.

After receiving positive feedback on advertorials for PVC products in green public procurement that have already been published on multiple occasions as part of a joint communication project with VinylPlus, the steering committee has now decided to publish several advertorials on selected topics to accompany its well-established advertising motifs.

If you would like to find out more about the other measures and projects involved in the campaign or contribute to the campaign yourself in order to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice among decision-makers both now and in the future, please feel free to contact us. AGPU Managing Director, Thomas Hülsmann, will be happy to provide you with all the details.

New Advertisement in the Wings In-Flight Magazine

The current May/June issue of the in-flight magazine „Wings“ features an advertisement with the slogan „PVC is cool“ by the Soft PVC Communication Campaign run by AGPU Media on page 14. According to media data, the in-flight magazine reaches a readership of around three million passengers with a high share of business travellers of nearly 42 percent. The magazine, which boasts a high-quality design, can be found on every seat on board all Germanwings and Eurowings aircraft.

The publication of the advertisement represents just one of the many activities carried out as part of the Soft PVC Communication Campaign. We are happy to inform you about the other measures used in the campaign in order to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice among decision-makers both now and in the future. For more information, please feel free to contact the AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann, who looks forward to hearing from you.

New Brochure: „Imagine How Hard Life Would Be Without Soft PVC“

Within the scope of this year’s Soft PVC Communication Campaign, the steering committee of contributors of the campaign has decided to update the Soft PVC brochure, which was first published back in 2011.

The newly printed edition of the brochure is now available in English and German with a reversible cove. You can order it from the AGPU office. In addition, there is a digital version in PDF format as well. You can download both language versions from the AGPU website or the PVC-WIKI.

New Advertisement Design: „PVC stays tight“

The steering committee of the soft PVC communications campaign by AGPU Media has developed a new advertisement design featuring the slogan „PVC hält dicht” (“PVCstays tight“). The design, which was launched on the Brand Eins website at the beginning of September, takes readers to a special landing page when they click on the banner ad. The new advertisement design will also be published in the printed October edition of the business magazine and plans are already in place to use it in other publications.

Would you like to receive more information on the current soft PVC communications campaign? If so, please contact the AGPU Managing Director, Thomas Hülsmann, and Ms Ursula Losem, who look forward to hearing from you.

The Soft PVC Campaign: New Advertisements within Next Months

The Soft PVC Communications Campaign by AGPU Media continues with two online advertisements on the websites of the business magazine brand eins and the architecture magazine Detail in September. There will be classic print ads within next months as well. For the first time, the new “PVC stays tight” motif with pink rain boots for children will be used to communicate with target groups.

Are you part of the PVC value chain and want Soft PVC products to remain the products of choice for deciders in the future? Then support the current Soft PVC campaign as a sponsor! Need more information? AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann is looking forward to your feedback.